State of the Hand

Splints and Buddy Tape
Splint and buddy tape: happily no longer in use!!!

Since my previous post about my hand, I've mostly stayed away from the computer and knitting just to avoid hurting it more. Unfortunately it took longer than I was originally told for my finger to be proclaimed healed. I recently received the green light from the doctor to resume every day activities (including knitting!) but am still avoiding heavy usage since it can make my hand cramp up. Even though I was on reduced hand usage, I still had a few exciting projects.

Early on in the hand injury I pushed the limit of what I should have done and did some sewing, making a nice case for my interchangeables. After finishing it, I realized I pushed too hard and didn't finish all the cases I had planned; however, eventually I will make some matching cases for my dpns and straights!

DIY Interchangeable Needles Case

Despite my hand problems, life necessitated some extreme crafting. You might ask, "how does one do extreme crafts with a hand injury?" With helpful friends, of course! (Playing up the coolness of the project doesn't hurt either!)

My brother specifically requested a set of large foam dice for playing outdoor Yahtzee as a wedding present. I'll post more about the experience of making them later; however, the project was a fun crafting adventure and definitely required more than two hands to successfully complete. After a bunch of ideas of how to make them; we settled on pourable urethane foam and they were a hit (even though one wasn't quite ready to go for the big day)!

Flexible Foam Yahtzee Dice

It's exciting to get back to knitting (even if I can't knit for more than an hour or so)! I've mostly been working on watch caps as I'm behind on my watch cap goal of one a month: I only have two and a half instead of the four I would like to have. I also have started swatching for a sweater for my dad with the yarn I bought at the Knit Lab last November.

Swatches and Hats

2014 Olympics

Are you ready for the Olympics this year? I've always enjoyed watching the progress of all the teams, seeing the opening ceremony, and knitting something while taking it all in. I've never really had an "official" olympic project or competed in a ravelry related event; however I've been knitting through the Olympics ever since I learned how to knit. I had a project planned out to be my olympic knitting this year; however, I won't be able to take it on.

About two weeks ago I hurt my hand in a freak accident, and managed to tear the flesh (muscle?) holding the ligament of my right pinky in place while reading on my smartphone. Sadly I can't use my right hand for much until it heals properly. The orthopedic doctor I saw told me to wait four weeks (five weeks from when I hurt it) for it to heal, which, unfortunately, covers the time frame of the Olympics and rules out knitting.

Ever since I started knitting, I've found it hard to sit still through tv or movies without a project. I definitely need to find one; however, I'm not sure what one-handed projects are condusive to watching the Olympics.

So non-knitters, what do you do while watching the Olympics?

my hand in buddy tape
Feeling Olympic with my buddy tape

Happy 2014!

I hope your holidays were filled with joy and that your New Year is off to a great start. Instead of resolutions, I have some goals for 2014.

2014 Goals:

+Make 12 (or more) hats for charity (again).
+Steek something!

+Backpack! Backpack! Backpack! Train up so that my shoulders and neck can handle carrying a backpack again.
+See the elephant seals at Año Nuevo!

Another one of our goals this year is to get our computing under control (as one is aging and powercycling at will and the other died prematurely from a tea accident two months ago). "Project Computer" has been eating away our recent free time, but now that our newest computer has enough set up for Docpad (& Co.) to run freely, blogging will continue!

I'll be back soon with details and pictures from our fall hiking trip to English Mountain and Adam's Peak and the details behind our last minute Thanksgiving in Germany!

Happy 2014