Hi! I'm Nora and this is my blog about the things I've made, love, and done. I'm a passionate knitter who loves (among other things) to hike, read, and drink tea. I hate bubbles and think that crazy textures belong in my knitting, not my food. You'll find everything from my thoughts on yarn to my opinion about a new backpacking recipe here.

The first time I learned how to knit, I hated it; however, when I tried again a year later, I loved it. Since 2002, I've been happily knitting through foreign films, on roadtrips, and whenever else the mood strikes. I'm happy that I can knit without looking at my work; however, I really, really wish I could knit and read simultaneously.

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado at the foot of the Rockies; traded the constant sunshine of my childhood for moody skies while I lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for five years; and now find myself in the sunny Bay Area of California with mountains and the ocean nearby.

Although I may post frequently as I start this blog, my goal is to post something new once a week and at a minimum once a month.

Questions? You can contact me at nora(ignore this text)@hinchingforward.(ignore this text too)com.