Show me the yarn! Isn't this a knitting blog?!

(I hear you.)

So far my knitting this year has been either top secret (aka gifts) or watch caps. Like last year, I had a goal of 12 hats (one per month). I recently finished my last watch cap for the year.

Watch Caps 2014

Unlike previous times I've knit watch caps, I didn't take pictures of them immediately after finishing, so I don't know the exact order they were knit in. I know the first one this year is in the red varigated yarn since I finished it before I hurt my hand and enjoyed playing with it while it was in progress. The last one for the year is the blue with purple, grey, and black.

Watch Caps 2014

Despite trying out colorwork last year, I reverted to my old standby: stripes. As a rule, I try to make relatively unique hats that I would be willing to wear (the sailors need to be able to recognize their hats). I would wear pretty much any of these hats, but the brown striped one turned out a little too hipster for my personal taste.

Watch Caps 2014

Like I mentioned last year, my aunts who taught me to knit work closely with the New England Seafarer's Mission based in Boston. Each year the mission collects hand knit hats, toiletries, and handmade drawstring bags which they assemble into ditty bags to give to the seafarers at Christmas time. My aunts and I knit hats, and my mother sews bags.

If you're looking for ideas on striping, etc here are some previous years' watch caps: 2014, 2013, 2011-12, 2008