Many thanks to our friend Ethan who organized this last minute trip! He's working on the Sierra Peaks Section List. Crossed off two this past weekend: English Mountain and Adam's Peak.

We were especially excited to get out in the Sierra's since our last trip was back in June. Shortly after our Half Dome trip I was a passenger in a car accident, and unfortunately the physical therapist I was seeing said I couldn't backpack or hike with a pack until after we finished treatment!! This last-chance trip was a real treat! It reminded us how much we missed out this summer.

English Mountain:

Distance: 7.46 mi
Elevation Gain: 2370 ft
Max Elevation: 8359 ft

Adam's Peak:

Distance: 9.05 mi
Elevation Gain: 2713 ft
Max Elevation: 8189 ft


These were both pleasant hikes that started along fire roads and involved bushwhacking our way to the summit. As the weather was nice, you could see for miles from the peaks. These two hikes had the highest number of cars, atv's, and hunting golf carts we've ever run across while hiking in the Sierras. We didn't see anyone else on foot; however, there were definitely others out and about.

Don't. drive. along. Bowman Lake. There's no road there; just something pretending to be. Take a different route to English Mountain! Come from the North, it's paved until you leave Forest Route 7. If you go that way there's only a mile or two of back country roads instead of close to ten.

The fall color was gorgeous, especially near Adam's Peak. It was quite windy (dangerously so) at the summit; however, the views were spectacular. I wouldn't attempt this peak without a GPS or map: there's a lot of bushwhacking and it's easy to get confused even with a GPS to help.

If you come before mid-October, the Frenchman Campground in Plumas National Forest would be a great place to camp between peaks. (It closes for the winter midway through October.) We disperse camped in the Plumas along the road to Adam's Peak. Winter's definitely coming: it was cold at night.


+ Grits with Cranberries, Cashews, & Honey

+ Asian Chicken Slaw Wraps
+ Southwest Chicken Corn Wraps

+ Bacon Cheesy Pasta

Snacks: + Dried fruit (Apple Rings and Kiwi)

This was our first time trying the Southwest Chicken Wraps and they were a hit: Satisfying, delicious, and full of potential for long treks. We made them with one (2.5 oz) ranch tub instead of the two the recipe indicated. We also tried the method suggested by a commenter and re-hydrated the corn in the juices of the chicken pouch. That worked pretty well for us.

2013 Fall Peak Grab: Overview, English Mountain, Adam's Peak